Using digital art to get a better life.

I live in Syria and digital art is my only way to earn money to build a better life for myself, my sons and the people around me.

I have two milestones.
The first milestone is to raise $8.000 to be able to get out of Syria by May 25th, 2023. (Update: the first milestone has been successfully achieved).
The second milestone is to raise $12.000 more to be able to get out with my sons. This amount refers to visas and travel.

    My Story

    I am Poorweb, a digital artist living in Syria.My real name is Eissa, I am 26 y.o. and I live outside Aleppo.
    I have been living most of my life with the war in my country.
    During the war, I lost both my parents and my three brothers.
    I was a father of 3, but I lost my son Moses in March 2023 because there was no money for his treatment.
    I have 2 children left, Youssef and Farouk.
    I am a single father. I am the one who takes care of my children. When I go to the army, they will be alone.I now have to collect at least $20.000 to get out of Syria with my sons to get a better life.My monthly salary is approximately $25, enough to buy 5kg of bulgur and 1kg of oil. For 4 years my daily diet is bulgur and oil.

    Digital art

    My relationship with art began when I decided to reveal the suffering of the Syrian people through art.Thanks to AI artwork, I have been able to provide 110 pillows, 110 food baskets, and 110 blankets.I started photographing everything I saw, because everything here is a tragedy – the slow death of families and children. Augmenting my image with AI and to send a message to the world the extent of the suffering of the Syrian people.You can find me on Twitter here

    Three ways to join my mission.

    There are three ways you can join my mission.

    Free Donation

    This is the easiest way to contribute. You can make a direct donation on Gumroad so you don't have to use crypto.

    Ethereum Donation

    I prefer if you can buy my art. But if you want to donate directly to me, you can send ETH.My ETH address is:

    My art on OpenSea

    You can buy my NFTs on OpenSea and be part of a project with real impact.


    What will happen if you can't get the money by May 2023?
    I will have to join the Syrian army and spend the next 9 years away from my sons.

    How do you get the money?
    I don't have access to a proper banking system so money are always converted to ETH than to cash. In order to convert ETH to cash I have to pay 3% fee to a local broker.

    What would you do with the money?
    I will use the money to get out of Syria with my sons.

    Where did you get the money to make a website, buy a domain, etc.?I didn't pay for the website. I have friends in the NFT and startup community that helped me get this website up and running.

    How do I know this is not a scam?
    I have been documenting my journey on Twitter even before the earthquake in Syria. Please follow my Twitter profile

    Why are you using Gumroad
    Right now Gumroad is the best platform to collect money. I have tried to collect money on GoFundMe but they don't support Syria-based campaigns.

    If you want to get in contact with me, please fill out this form.

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